Grantee Spotlight: Grandmothers Growing Goodness

Grandmothers Growing Goodness, founded by Rosemary Ahtuangaruak, the former Mayor of Nuiqsut, Alaska, is dedicated to elevating the understanding and protection of Inupiat culture and peoples in the face of expanding oil and gas development and the climate crisis. Campion Foundation is proud to support their work.

Photo of Dr. Rosemary Ahtuangaruak
Dr. Rosemary Ahtuangaruak

Working with Alaska Native groups, conservation organizations, and scientists, Grandmothers Growing Goodness plays a vital role in on-the-ground efforts to protect America’s Arctic from the threats of resource extraction. They hope that through developing a sense of solidarity between those living on the North Slope, Grandmothers Growing Goodness can help to facilitate the creation of a locally developed, common vision for a post-oil economy in the region.

Grandmothers Growing Goodness primarily focuses on empowering people on the North Slope to engage in the public decision-making process through extensive outreach to local communities and educational workshops. By focusing on the shared values of the Inupiat peoples, Grandmothers hopes to build solidarity and bring together a community that is divided on resource extraction issues. In addition, Grandmothers also provides significant mentorship opportunities for young community members with the goal of fostering future teachers and leaders on Alaska’s North Slope. 

Grandmothers Growing Goodness’ mission greatly aligns with the Campion Foundation’s strong belief in capacity building and elevating the priorities and voices of Indigenous peoples in America’s Arctic. By empowering North Slope communities to share their knowledge and engage in the political process, we can better ensure that federal decisions benefit both local communities and our environment.