Welcome to the new campion website!

We’ve updated our online home! We hope this conveys our belief, passion and strategy that we believe big change is possible, if we lean into it with everything we’ve got. We invite you to learn more here about our approach to changing the world through our mission to end homelessness, protect public lands and climate, and strengthen the nonprofit sector.

We believe in using every tool in our toolbox. That means elevating our voices in direct advocacy, developing partnerships to leverage the strength of communities, mobilizing the advocacy voice of the nonprofit sector and empowering our staff, all of whom are creative experts in their fields. Everything we do is an extension of the bedrock principles Tom built the Zumiez Corporation upon, the success of which makes our philanthropic work possible. Leveraged resources, shared leadership, informed risk taking, direct advocacy, equity, and innovation are the guiding principles of our strategies.

We are committed to continual reflection, learning, and improvement to realize the impact we believe is possible. Thank you for joining us here, online, and also more broadly. We value your partnership, boldness and willingness to stand up for justice, equity and the sacredness of wild places. As Terry Tempest Williams says in her poem Wild Mercy, “The Eyes of the future are looking back at us, Praying for us to see beyond our own time…” We believe that we have no time to waste and look forward to working with you to change the world.

Sonya & Tom Campion