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The nonprofit sector is a trusted partner in building American communities and strengthening civil society. It is an indispensable pillar of a healthy democracy and an essential partner to delivering relevant government services on the ground.

Public policy affects every nonprofit–and every citizen–in the country. With millions of staff, volunteers, and board members, and a unique understanding of community needs, the sector can leverage its expertise and impact to change lives and shape the future of our country.

When nonprofits have a seat at the policy-making table, it results in policy that makes our communities more vibrant and equitable.

what we do

Building our Partners’ Capacity

To make change happen, all of our goals require robust partners with a strong vision, effective governance and leadership, sustainable fundraising, and sound operational systems. We seek to leverage maximum impact from every dollar we grant by investing in specific capacity needs of our Public Lands & Climate and Ending Homelessness grantees to become more resilient and effective organizations.

what we do

Strengthening Board Advocacy

Research done by Campion’s partner, BoardSource, identified that the highest performing nonprofit boards understood that public policy affects the work of their organization. To engage the voices of the 20 million board leaders in the U.S. more directly in advocacy, Campion Foundation and BoardSource together launched the Stand for Your Mission campaign, “a challenge to all nonprofit decision-makers to stand up for the organizations they believe in by actively representing their organization’s mission and values, and creating public will for positive social change.”

what we do

Securing a Seat at the Policy-Making Table

Campion is working with Independent Sector, the nonprofit sector’s advocacy voice in Washington, D.C. on the Seat at the Table campaign to pass the The Nonprofit Stakeholders Engaging and Advancing Together (Nonprofit SEAT) Act of 2023. This federal legislation will make certain nonprofit expertise and experience is at the table. Permanently.

what you need to know

The nonprofit sector has grown by 20% over the past decade compared to 2-3% for the for-profit sector.


what you need to know

Nonprofit organizations are the third largest employer of the private workforce,

employing more than 12 million people in the U.S. and representing 5.9% of overall GDP.


what you need to know

170 million donors make up this critical sector,

which contributes $1 trillion to the national economy, accounting for 5% of GDP.