Extraordinary Progress in Ending Youth Homelessness

The incredible news is spreading: Today, there are 40% fewer youth experiencing homelessness than just a few years ago in Washington State.

“Officials say Washington’s effectiveness lies in tailoring interventions for the younger age group by listening to them and looking at data, understanding that the causes and solutions for youth homelessness are unique,” wrote Greg Kim for The Seattle Times last week. “What they’ve found is that the earlier homelessness is addressed, the better. And their plan is to reach further upstream to try to turn off the tap.”

We are incredibly grateful to the many, many leaders, partners, and supporters who have worked steadily with hope, wisdom, grace, and grit to change systems that weren’t working for our young people. 

We encourage you to read The Seattle Times article here and to read our blog on this extraordinary progress.

As you read, note that this successful statewide initiative can be scaled nationwide. It’s time to adopt national policies to ensure all of our young people are safely sheltered and able to move forward toward a productive future.